Make Your Home Equipped With an Automated Lighting System

Anik Mehta
3 min readMay 29, 2023

What is an Automated Lighting System?

The 21st century is an era of smart technologies, whether it is a phone or a Tv, a watch or a home. You must have seen impressive lights set up in your favorite restaurants or functions and wondered how wonderful they are.

Automated Lighting Control is a programmable dimming and on-off control that can transform your home into a posh-looking luxury house. It is no more expensive investment and you can have this installed at your home easily. It is basically a system that uses a central wireless router that you can program to control all the lighting of your house according to your needs and various occasions.

Why Use Them?

The benefits of the smart home lighting system are -

Energy efficiency — Automated Lighting System ensures you the right amount of light at a particular time. The light sensor option lets you measure the brightness of daylight in your room and calculate the proper amount of artificial light you need. This helps to reduce unnecessary energy consumption which results in lesser electricity bills.

Programmed setting — This has some pre-configured lighting scenes to set for the perfect ambiance you need for your favorite pastime like reading books, cooking, working on the computer, or relaxing. There are an extensive number of possible scenes that the lighting system can offer you. Just press the button for the end of the lighting you need and get the desired lighting.

Smart Control — You can activate your lights through sensors, laptops, voice commands and your smartphone instead of switches. This makes controlling the lights extremely comfortable and easy. So at night if you need to switch on your light you will not have to search for the switch in the darkness instead you can activate your life through the smart options.

Low maintenance — Since the main job of the automatic lighting system is to ease your effort in lighting your house, it can run independently once you permit it. This means you can take care of your own work without having to think of the light in your home.

Types of Lights in the Market

KNX System — A KNX manufactured by Schneider Electrical provides you with easy-to-use technology-driven functions and data designed to maximize comfort, profitability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and safety. This adds a new dimension to the home and makes it stylish and beautiful. The feature of the KNX system is

This is suitable not only for homes but also for office complexes, hospitals, and hotels.

It has an automatic temperature adjustment that will give you your desired temperature in the room to make you feel comfortable.

It ensures a healthy environment in your home by measuring the air quality and maintaining it.

It mimics the natural daylight creating the perfect lighting for the home.

C-Bus — C-Bus is a short form of Commercial Lighting Control. It is basically a microprocessor on a wiring system that controls the electrical services of your home. It ensures quick and reliable operation. Through this lighting system, you can individually program each of your devices through an option called “point and click”.

The features of commercial lighting control are -

It saves your cost of high electric bills through fluorescent lighting control The flexible and integrated operating system along with audiovisual equipment.

It has different kinds of preset lighting suitable for places like hotels, art galleries, and museums. It has multiple point control, Central point control from the touch screen, and automated-based control for your convenience.

Wiser: Smart home solution: With a wiser smart home solution you can convert your home into a smart home in very easy and simple steps. You will not need any extra or new wiring to set up this lighting system. This home solution has three options through which you will be able to control them. They are voice, apps, and an existing switch.

The features of wiser are

It can dim or brighten your light according to your wish

It can control the speed of your fan without you having to reach for the switches

It can close and open curtains on your command.